MN Citizens Federation Northeast offers workshop to fight attacks on Social Security and Medicare

We need to fight the attacks on Social Security and Medicare. Protecting these critical programs is one of the biggest challenges facing the Labor Movement, and all Americans. Anti-worker forces are trying to weaken these vitalprograms by relying on false statements to misinform and scare people.  This is their key tactic to get their way and weaken these programs that everyone relies on. They falsely claim that the benefits you have earned are “welfare.”

To fight back, we need the facts, and clear messages.   

The MN Citizens Federation Northeast has developed an educational workshop to do just that:  "The Future of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid."

This is an easy-to-understand presentation and discussion on this critical topic, boiling down to the essentials.  Rep. Rick Nolan hosted its showing at several of his constituent information sessions. MN AFL-CIO Retirees have helped with the presentations.

  • This workshop combats the pessimism caused by false predictions and scare tactics.
  • It encourages hope and resolve to protect and improve these vital programs for every American.
  • It gives you the tools to talk effectively to others about this important issue.
  • Find out what the competing ideas are, learn the true state of these programs’ finances, and see how to separate the myths and scare tactics from the facts.

Contact the Citizens Federation to request a showing and discussion for your union local union, regional council or other group:

Buddy Robinson, Citizens Federation Staff Director
Email or Phone: 218-727-0207
MN Citizens Federation NE, 424 W. Superior St. #200, Duluth, MN 55802

A donation to the Citizens Federation is required, according to your group’s financial ability, to offset our costs.  It is a non-partisan consumer advocacy charity organization.