IUPAT Launches New Program to Announce Job Alerts for Members on Their Mobile Phones

The International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) has just launched a new service that enables members in our core crafts to get job leads via text alerts on their mobile phones.

Here's how it works: Members text the first letter of their craft from their mobile phone to 48728 .


  • Painters (Industrial and Commercial) text the letter P to 48728.
  • Glaziers text the letter G to 48728.
  • Dryall workers text the letter D to 48728.Floor covering installers text the letter F to 48728.
  • Trade show workers text the letter T to 48728.
  • Sign and display workers text the letter S to 48728.

Those who do so will get a confirmation message and instructions via text to finalize their registration. When local IUPAT leaders need workers in any of those crafts, a job alert will go out to those registered with contact information in the message.

Until recently, members willing to travel for work could only register on the IUPAT Traveling Journey Worker web site - HERE - with their name, address, phone numbers and email address. However, when a call for workers to man jobs went out, the news often failed to reach a portion of the list because of incorrect information. People move, change email or home phones and then fail to update it on the list.

However, because mobile phones, and more importantly their mobile phone numbers, typically remain active when someone moves, this text messaging program is expected to be far more successful in reaching those looking for work.

Rest assured, those who register on the Traveling Journey Worker web site will still be contacted on the list. However, it is hoped that those with mobile phones will also be certain to register to receive job alerts via text as well. Local IUPAT leaders often only have a 24-48 hour window to man the job. The text message alerts will better ensure a more timely response.

Members with any questions about this new program can send their questions to gmcdonald@iupat.org .

This story reprinted from Newsvine